Clinical Nutrition Laboratory Technician - #197159

Dayton Children's Hospital

Date: 04/08/2021 15:31 PM

City: Dayton, Ohio

Contract type: Full Time

Work schedule: Full Day


Nutrition Services


Dayton Children's - Main Campus


Clinical Nutrition Lab


Full time



Job Details:

The Clinical Nutrition Laboratory Technician is responsible for the preparation, distribution, inventory and management of both human milk and nutritional formulas. Critical functions require constant attention to:

  • Safety through sanitation, including strict adherence to aseptic technique during preparation and avoidance of cross-contamination of ingredients between product mixing
  • Math, including calculation of nutrition orders recipes, such as ratios, volumes, and percentages of ingredients for a particular mixture
  • Computer literacy, including use of the bar-code scanning software and electronic medical record require
  • Clinical bedside skills, including ability to provide calm and accurate information to parents of critically ill while calculating the volume of feedings needed at patient bedside
  • Clinical communication skills, including discussing clinical condition with nursing and impact on feeding regimens at patient bedside with parents present, formula or human milk orders with the provider, or recipes with the dietitian
  • Customer service, including answering questions and providing guidance via Vocera and phone to rushed and confused clinical team members and ability to creatively solve problems in the moment
  • Critical thinking in adhering to protocols and also able to appropriately think, communicate, and act on problem solving
  • Team dynamics, including working in a small space as an integral part of a well-functioning team, managing multiple critical but small tasks and communication throughout the day even during slow or hectic times
10-hour shifts, 4 days per week; cannot accommodate school schedules

1. Utilizes Timeless Medical Software to manage receiving and labeling of mother’s HM according to procedure. 20%

  • Ensures milk rotation in order to prevent waste of expressed breast milk
  • Ensures proper identification of breast milk throughout the process
  • Arranges to have the expressed human milk (“EBM”) available, fortified and returned in time for the next feeding, if needed ASAP

2. Cleans work surfaces and equipment prior to HM prep and in between each individual patient milk prep. 20%

  • Follows aseptic techniques
  • Follows infection control policies
  • Maintains cleanliness of refrigerators and freezers on a daily and as needed basis
  • Maintains cleanliness of storage bins
  • Maintains a clean formula room per established standards
  • Maintains rotations of powdered and liquid formulas to prevent expired formulas been used

3. Utilizes Timeless Medical Software to prepare individualized HM feedings following established procedures 20%

  • Monitors EBM storage to determine what needs to be refrigerated or frozen
  • Follows correct handling on EBM before mixing (thawing out EBM)
  • Utilizes Timeless Medical Software to scan each bottle of breast milk to confirm identification prior to mixing
  • Places mixed EBM in appropriate bins to be delivered

4. Stores prepared feedings in patient care refrigerators and removes expired HM 10%

  • Utilizes Timeless Medical Software to prepare standardized recipes
  • Monitors dates and times for expired formulas and EBM
  • Monitors formula or EBM changes and discards old batch after delivery
  • Communicates with nursing staff any concerns or issues with patient formulas

5. Prepares specially prepared formulas or ready to feed formulas requiring additives 10%

  • Utilizes Timeless Medical Software to prepare standardized recipes
  • Communicates with nursing/doctors about any concerns about patient orders
  • Follows exact directions on how to mix special formulas or EBM
  • Effectively makes formula and labels all completed recipes

6. Consults with dietitian when necessary to obtain clarification of formula order or recipe 5%

  • Demonstrates judgment
  • Communicates with RD when additives are being mixed in formulas

7. Collects Human Milk 5%

  • Collects EBM from each unit at certain times for each patient
  • Utilizes Timeless Medical system to scan each EBM container into inventory
  • Stores each EBM container in correct bins for specific patients
  • Delivers EBM to Milk Lab and places it in the appropriate fridge or freezer

8. Delivers formula to patient floors 5%

  • Removes EBM or special formulas from previous day
  • Utilizes Timeless Medical software system to remove item from inventory
  • Communicates with nursing or doctor any concerns about any formulas not being used or formulas containing medication before removal

9. Discharges patients with human milk 5%

  • Collects all EBM for patients from both freezer and refrigerator
  • Utilizes Timeless Medical software to scan each bottle for patient verification
  • Labels the patient’s EBM discharge bag and places EBM in bag
  • Delivers EBM discharge bag to the correct unit freezer and communicates to nursing that it has been delivered

Performs other duties as assigned


Required Work Experience and Education:

  • Associates degree or 3 years’ experience in applicable area (ex: dietetics, food and nutrition, human milk technician, clinical laboratory, human tissue bank, biosciences, or pharmacy lab)
  • 1-5 working in a professional environment
  • Technical calculations (weights & measures in metric units, ratios, and percentages)

  • Knowledge of common medical abbreviations and terminology

  • Strong communication and team skills

  • Computer literacy (will use MS Word, electronic medical record, and human milk bar code scanning software daily)

  • Proven ability to adhere to protocols and also apply critical thinking

  • Sanitation

Preferred Work Experience and Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree in applicable subject
  • 5 or more in a professional environment
  • At least 1 year in a formula room or clinical lab
  • Specialized training or certifications (Human Milk Certification, Dietetics Technician Certification)

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