Environmental Services Tech (2 openings) - #197148

Tomah Memorial Hospital

Date: 04/08/2021 15:30 PM

City: Warrens, Wisconsin

Contract type: Full Time

Work schedule: Full Day


Per diem, non benefited; hours per pay period and shifts will vary based on the needs of the department; holiday rotation required.


The Housekeeper is responsible for the highest standards possible for the environmental cleanliness, care and welfare of the patients, visitors and employees of Tomah Memorial Hospital. The Housekeeper performs all general house-cleaning duties in all areas of the hospital and is responsible for all general linen duties associated with hospital care to include sorting, delivering and sewing. The Housekeeper is also responsible for stocking departmental supplies and record keeping for housekeeping and laundry services.


  • Performs all general cleaning of areas assigned. Prioritizes personal assignments and responds in a timely manner to unit/department requests for housekeeping service.

  • Surveys assigned area to ensure proper sanitary conditions, comfort, cleanliness and safety of the environment. Reports items and/or areas in need of cleaning, painting or repair to management.

  • Removes noticeable debris from floors, elevators, etc. in any area of the hospital.

  • Knows and practices appropriate procedures for cleaning, equipment use and care and hazards. Mixes cleaning solutions in correct dilutions and functions within the limitations or hazards of each product.

  • Provides back up and assistance to staff as requested in order to ensure overall environmental support.

  • Maintains housekeeping supplies in all areas to include toweling, soap, paper supplies, etc.

  • Evaluates and responds appropriately to routine page requests.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Has the ability to cope with interruptions, varying personalities, rush projects, some irregular hours.

  • Must be customer-service focused in order to deal with various hospital departments, staff and medical staff.

  • Meets JCAHO and hospital educational standards as required.

  • Is present and prepared for work as scheduled.

  • Demonstrates creativity and initiative in job.
  • Contributes, develops, supports and/or carries out new ideas and methods in cooperation with co-workers and supervisors.

  • Is self-motivated.

  • Demonstrates support for and ability to work as part of a team on achieving departmental and organizational goals.
  • Develops positive working relationships, is receptive to and acts upon input from other team members and departments and is willing and able to compromise as needed.

  • Demonstrates organizational skills and effective use of time.

  • Communicates effectively.
  • Able to express ideas/opinions, uses appropriate congruent communications methods.

  • Deal with co-workers and customers openly and honestly.

  • Is receptive and attentive to communication/feedback from co-workers and customers.

  • Adheres to strict customer confidentiality standards, recognizing that even acknowledgment of privileged information is prohibited.

  • Supports and complies with the National Patient Safety Goals and quality improvement initiatives.


1. High School diploma or equivalent preferred but not required.


1. Excellent verbal communication skills.
2. Excellent human relation skills as demonstrated by the ability to interface positively with all customers and employees.
3. Must have the ability to work with frequent interruptions, under stress and with minimal supervision.
4. Cleaning experience desirable but not required.


The percentage of the normal workday that the activity is conducted:

  • Rare: 1 – 5% of the time (up to 1/2 hour)
  • Occasional: 6 – 33% of the time (up to 2.6 hours)
  • Frequent: 34 – 66% of the time (up to 5.3 hours)
  • Continuous: 67 – 100% of the time (5.3-8 hours)

1. Lifting:

  • Rarely lift up to 25# from floor to 62” when lifting soiled laundry into bin.
  • Occasionally lift 15# from floor to 62” when lifting soiled laundry into bin.
  • Rarely lift 2# from 24” off the floor to 72” height to load clean laundry onto shelf.
  • Rarely carry up to 25# up to 10 feet when carrying garbage and linens.
  • Frequently lift items less than 5# to include general cleaning items.
  • Position requires proper body mechanics to be observed at all times while performing duties. Proper body mechanics includes but is not limited to proper kneeling/crouching techniques to keep the load close to the body to minimize back strain.

2. Push/Pull:

  • Frequently push and pull up to 20# force of wheeled cart up to 1400 feet
  • Rarely push/pull up to 30# force of a wheeled cart for clean linen up an incline 15 feet.
  • Frequently push/pull of 10# to move furniture for cleaning.

3. Grasping and Handling:

  • Continuous manipulation of cleaning tools, cart, laundry, garbage, supplies, etc.
  • Rarely grip up to 60# of force to mop hard to clean areas.

4. Elevated Work:

  • Occasionally for cleaning higher surfaces up to 72” in height carrying up to 3# cleaning device.

5. Squat:

  • Occasionally to pick up items off the floor and clean low surfaces.

6. Crouch/Kneel/Crawl:

  • Rarely to clean low surfaces.

7. Forward Bending in standing

  • Rarely bend to lift up to 20-25# of linen or garbage in and out of carts.
  • Occasionally bend to lift up to 15# of linen or garbage in and out of carts.
  • Frequently bend to clean surfaces.

8. Standing Tolerance/Balance/Walking:

  • Continuously walking/standing up to 2-3 miles/day.
  • Requires good balance skills to handle use of machines, carrying, lifting and manipulating cleaning tools.

9. Step Ladder Climbing:

  • Rarely climb 2-3 rungs in order to remove curtains, clean higher surfaces and wash windows. Varies day to day as to length of time.
  • Carrying items less than 3# when using step ladder.

10. Coordination:

  • Continuously to manipulate all tools, supplies, machines, etc.

11. Vision:

  • Continuous. Must be able to identify dirty linen, dirty surfaces, debris and ID body substances.

12. Smell:

  • Continuous. Need to identify foul odors.

13. Adaptations:

  • It is possible to use a stool or ladder for cleaning higher surfaces if unable to reach.
  • Considering the various job tasks, it is possible that a worker would not have to push the cart for 300 consecutive feet (stopping to clean rooms, pick up debris).

14. Equipment/Clothing Used to Perform the Job:

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Gloves, masks and isolation gowns.
  • General cleaning supplies.
  • Scrubber machine.
  • Linen, housekeeping cart.
  • Burnishers.
  • Mopping and dusting equipment.

Job Type: Full-time

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